Roy S. Bunales

Voice Over Demos

Language: English - American
Genre: Commercials-TV-Radio-Web
Language: English - American
Genre: E-Learning
Language: English - American
Genre: Telephony-IVR-On Hold-VoiceMail

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Ages Performed

Senior, Adult



Delivery Methods

E-Mail, FTP, Skype, Google Drive, Dropbox

Client List

Cameron Trejo Films - \"Power\'s War\" Documentary - Narrator; Rage Communications - Citibank India Tablet App - Narrator; Bonnie Creary - Transformers App - Voice of Heatwave; Down Wind Publications - \"Cooper Collection 108 (Go To Heller)Audiobook - Narrator/Producer; Cherry Hill Publishing - The Philadelphia Report Audiobook - Lead Narrator; Paula Hardin - \"Forever Lost\" Audiobook - Narrator/Producer; 800Link - Telephone Voice Prompts; Wild Pack Records - Narrator; Pearl River Communications WRJW - Commercials-TV-Radio-Web; and too much more to list.

Agent Information

Barbara Jusay Idiom Worldwide 1-888-800-8070