Angela Butler

Voice Over Demos

Language: English - American
Genre: Commercials-TV-Radio-Web
Language: English - American
Genre: Business Narration-Industrial-Corporate

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Ages Performed

Adult, Senior



Delivery Methods

Dropbox, E-Mail, Source Connect

Client List

*Ford Foundation - 3 Social Justice Videos

(The Art for Justice; The American

South; Disability Introduction, The Ramp);

*Polka Dot Sox Creative - Internet, YouTube,

FB Ads and Promos;

*Kim Handysides - Johns Hopkins

Hospital/Training, Podcast/Medical Character;

*Noggin Labs Inc. - Sports Trailer, Corporate

Internal Training Videos;

*Mark Leisher Productions - Educational;

*Voxmade LLC - 3 :30Sec Spotify

“Ford EcoSport” Commercials Spots;

*Trilogy Interactive LLC - Political C, 3

Michigan SM Spots, 2019 Midterm;

*Connie Malamed Consulting - Johns

Hopkins Hospital, Internal Training;

*Spawn Ideas - Promo;

* & Self-service Clients - Internal Training

Videos, Company Internet Commercials;

*PassionUp “Poetry YouTube Channel”, 5-Poems

*Jeffrey Scott Agency Clients: 3 - :30Sec “EECU” TV Commercial Spots!

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